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Welcome 2024! For important tax items, see bolded dates. All other dates are for your edification and our amusement. Have a great year & don't forget to call us for your free mid-year tax appointment in June!


1    Happy New Year!!
5    Lana! For the love of God! We do not need Excel 2.0 books in the office!
8    John’s daughter can legally drive. One more headache before tax season!
16    Last 2023 Estimated Payments are due.
18    Please welcome our returning staff: Donna, Ashley, Caitlyn and Judy. Happy to go through another year with you!
20    Judy. You are our hero! 4 years with Kerri…and her endless questions!
25    Hey John! Remember taking your Macintosh to class at Drexel!? Big changes!
27    Looks like our phones will make it to at least 2030…
29    First day the IRS allows us to file returns!

31    W2’s, 1099DIV, 1099INT, 1099Misc, 1099NEC must be in the mail. 


1    Change your password day. Make sure you have them saved!

2    Time for the Nick Shuffle…    
       Let’s see how Nick is going to do this year.

10    Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day. It should be wine…
11    Super Bowl! No Eagles this year. Sports betting is legal and deductible!
15    Broker statements(1099B) should be in the mail. They will be delayed or incorrect.

Wait for the next batch the first week in March… 
18    National Drink Wine Day. Just 1 day??
24    World Bartenders Day. Take care of your favorites. Thanks George!
29    Can you believe it. Another day! What a relief…

The Classic at the Palm Beaches begins today. Bill wishes he was there!



1    Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. We have a few rhymes for our staff…
9    Panic Day! Only 37 days to go and we are feeling great…??
10    Daylight Savings begins. Will be nice to see sunlight at dinner time. One less hour for us! Change your smoke detector batteries!
14    National Spider Day. Group meeting in Kerri’s office!!

15    Business returns (C/S/LLC) must be filed! K-1’s are supposed to be in the mail. We know better…

17    St. Patrick’s Day. Our Leprechaun needs to wait until 4 for green beer…
19    Spring is here! March Madness begins. Madness is the primary emotion…
28    Phillies home opener! Go Phills!



1    April Fool’s Day. Always fun at Apex…
Nick: You got away clean last year. Be afraid. Be very afraid…
Anyone who turned 73 in 2023, the RMD must be taken! 
8    NCAA Championship game. Let us know who wins…
Last day to contribute to an IRA for 2023 to make sure it counts. 
15    Tax Filing Day! The first time on the 15th in 5 years!!
We do not do extensions. All filing must be completed by noon today. No Exceptions!
First 2024 Estimated payments are due. 

John’s son can legally drink. Happy 21 Johnny!
16   Time to get some rest…Except for Nick with an almost 1-year-old. Been there, done that! Our office will have limited hours until May 1. 
18    Blah Blah Blah Day. Is that our staff??
21     Administrative Professional Day. If we had some, we would celebrate…
26    Teach Your Children to Save Day. Never too soon for a Roth IRA!! Call Apex!


 1    Full time office hours resume.
4    Kentucky Derby. Most exciting minute in sports! 
5    Cinco de Mayo. Wonder where we will be…??
10   Avoidance Day. OK Apex clients.

Stop thinking this is a daily event when Ashley calls, call us back!
12   Mother’s Day. Always be good to Mom!
20   Be A Millionaire Day. It takes planning, not luck. Call Apex!!
21   Pennsylvania Primary Election. PA residents: Get out and vote.

25  Memorial Day Weekend. AC Expressway & Route 72 will be packed!
29   Alligator Day. Lana GiGi
31   I miss you, Lani! 



2  Leave the Office Early Day. Aren’t you glad you work for Apex in the Summer!

4   NJ Primary Election. NJ residents: Get out and vote!!

6   Jocelyn’s Birthday!! It will be a great party…and she will remember nothing…

7   VCR Day. Ask Nick and Kerri if they have heard of this!

16  Father’s Day. Just another day…

17  2nd 2024 Estimated Payments are due.

20  Summer is here! Don’t forget your sunscreen!


1    2024 is half over. Still, plenty of time to make a great 2024! Call Apex for your mid-year review!

2    I Forgot Day. Who should we choose here…?
4    Independence Day. Happy Birthday America!
12  Simplicity Day. Simplify your life. Call Apex!
25  Wine & Cheese Day. Open House at Apex 1-4. Come visit!        
26-11 The Olympic Games in Paris. USA, USA, USA!!



1    It’s National Insurance Month. Let Apex make sure you have your family protected! 
2    National Disc Golf Day. Hey Nick? Fore!

10    Duran Duran Day. Still a fan! 
18    Mail Order Catalog Day. Lana’s favorite day…pre-Amazon…
25    Pony Express Day. Steve’s first job!
28    National Test Taking Day. Apex is hoping for only 2 this year…


3    Labor Day. Summer isn’t over yet!

5   Be Late for Something Day. Who will be the winner? Nick or Kerri??
7    The kids are back in school. Make time for your future. Call Apex!
16    3rd 2024 Estimated Payments are due.
22    Fall is here. Pumpkin everything time!!
23    National Family Day. So many places to go with this…
26    Compliance Officer Day. We love you Laura…
29    National Coffee Day. Is Kerri visiting her sister??



1    Last quarter in 2024! Don’t delay. Still time for a review. Call Apex!
4    Improve your office Day. Boy, do we have some ideas…

5 / 6 Chowderfest weekend at LBI! Bill’s family will be calling…
12    Drink Local Wine Day. You will receive your invitations to White Dahlia Winery soon I hope!!
15    Extensions are due. We don’t do extensions so it’s a normal day for us!
16    National Boss’s Day. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
26    National Financial Crime Fighter Day. Don’t be a victim. See Apex!
31    Halloween. Don’t fear your finances. Call Apex!



4    Daylight Savings Time ends. Back to leaving in the dark after a fun summer!
5    Cookie Monster Birthday. Nom nom nom.
4    Fill Your Stapler Day. How much was that again, Lana…?
5    Election Day. We don’t vote Red. We don’t vote Blue. We vote Green $$!
28  Thanksgiving. We are thankful for many things. Especially our clients!



1   Final month to reduce 2024 taxes. Call Apex!
15  Gluten Free Baking Week. Every day for Bill…
21  Winter is here. We have probably already felt it!
23  Festivus – for the rest of us!
25  It’s a holiday double! Christmas & Hanukkah begins!
31  New Years Eve. Stay safe!!



1   Happy New Year!!

15 Last 2024 estimated payment is due.

And the cycle continues…

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Hover to see Nick after tax season!

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