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2019 Tax Checklist


A team member will contact you to complete your appointment. Please review the information below to know the important items you will need to bring!



  • Last Years Tax Return

  • Names, Birthdates, and Social Security Numbers of Household members

  • Drivers License and Social Security Cards

  • End of Year Pay Stub

  • Proof Kids Live with You


  • Wages, W-2, 1099R

  • Interest Income, 1099INT

  • Dividend Income, 1099DIV

  • Social Security, SSA-1099

  • Pension, 1099R

  • Business Income/Loss - See Below

  • Stock & Mutual Fund Sales, 1099B

  • Year End Investment Statements to Determine Cost Basis

  • Year End 401K / 403B to Determine NUA Eligibility

  • Sale on Purchase of Home - HUD1

  • Unemployment, 1099G

  • Gambling/Lottery Winnings, 1099G

  • NJ Homestead Rebate + PTR (Senior Freeze)

  • Miscellaneous Income, 1099MISC

  • IRA or 401K Distributions, 1099R

  • Rental Income - See Below

  • Partnership, S Corp & Trust Income

  • Stimulus Payment Received 


  • Alimony Paid - Need SS# of Ex-Spouse

  • Student Loan Interest, 1098E

  • Penalty on Early Withdrawal from Savings

  • IRA contributions

  • Tuition & Fees Paid, 1098T

  • Charity for Non-Itemized


  • Childcare Credits – Need EIN or SS# of Provider along with Address

  • Education Credits, 1098T

  • Earned Income Credit

  • Retirement Savings Contributions

Itemized Deductions

  • State Tax Refund

  • Medical, Dental, Eyecare

  • Investment Expenses

  • Long Term Care Premium

  • Real Estate Taxes Paid

  • State & Local Taxes Paid

  • Mortgage Interest, 1098

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Gambling/Lottery Losses

Self Employed, Business Owners & Rental Property Owners​

  • Call to Review Your Individual Situation
    for Additional Information Needed


  • Life Insurance Policy

  • Long Term Care Policy

  • Changes in Personal Information

  • Federal Estimated Payments Paid

  • State Estimated Payments Paid

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