1    Happy New Year!!!

2    We thought we would get a package reprieve! Lana’s daughter got married in 2018… then we found out about Giavanna in 2019… and then we realize she is turning 1 in 2020… Buy Amazon (not a true recommendation-humor intended).

15    Last 2019 estimated payment is due. 2020 is here!

22    Welcome to our newly renovated office. We think you will like it! Please welcome our returning staff, Rosemary and Erin, and introducing Barbara!

27    First day you can e-file your taxes. You don’t have everything yet, so don’t even think about it!

31    W-2’s and 1099MISC must be mailed. Here we go!


2    It’s Groundhog Day…again. We hear Sony & Cher!


2    It's Super Bowl Sunday. No Eagles and we are bummed. Gambling losses are still deductible.

7    First refunds will be direct deposited.

14    Valentine’s Day. Lana’s John will make us look bad again…

18    1099B’s must be in the mail… unless the broker gets an extension… which they will. See you in March…

21    Phillies first pre-season game. Go Phils!

27    Honda Classic begins in Palm Beach Gardens. My future home course!

28    First day for refunds if you have ATC or EIC.

29    Leap Year. Lana can have 366 days of packages…


6    National Dentist Day. Wonder who is on her way to Delaware…

8    Daylight Savings begins. Time to change the smoke detector batteries!

9    Panic Day. No need for that! Call Apex!

14   Ask a Question Day & Save a Spider Day! Kerri’s big double day!

16    K-1’s (limited partnerships) must be mailed. Don’t hold your breath! Maybe by April 10…


16    Partnerships and S Corp returns are due.

17    March Madness begins… on St. Patrick’s Day. Madness is the least of our problems at this point…and the beer will be green.

19    It’s spring!

20    See Joanne, we remembered again!

22    National Goof-off Day. John and Bill are doing taxes. Where are the girls? Not a holiday for us!

26    National Hang-on Day. Hey Rose Mary, can you hang onto the handset?


1    Poor Erin and Barbara. They have no idea what they are in for…

3    Pony Express Day. Steve’s first job…

6    Championship Game Night. We will watch the highlights tomorrow morning.

8    Last day you can safely contribute to a 2019 IRA.

15   Personal returns are due. Extensions are not an option in our office. Tax season ends today. Don’t believe us? Ask Bill!


15   First 2020 estimated payment is due.

16   Tax Freedom Day. You have finally worked off your 2020 tax burden and are working for  yourself.


16    Apex will have limited hours until May 4. We need some rest!

17    Blah Blah Blah Day. What Lisa hears when Kerri calls…

23    Technology Day. Great…when it works! It gives us a visceral response…

26    National Kids & Pets Day. 

30    New Jersey Tax Freedom Day. Why are we in this state again??


2    Most exciting 2 minutes in sports. Where is my mint julep?

4    Full-time hours resume.


4     It is time to review your financial situation with a complimentary financial checkup. Call Apex!

5     Cinco de Mayo. Always Margaritas for lunch! 

10    Mother’s Day! Give Mom a big hug!

21    National Chardonnay Day. Erin learned she likes this day…

25    Memorial Day! Time for the beach, but don’t forget the sunscreen!


1    Mid-year reviews are in full swing. Make sure your 2020 will finish well. Call Apex.

2    Leave the Office Early Day. Everyday…without the 4:15 bathroom trip.

4    Ghostbusters Day. Call Apex!!

15    Estimated Payment 2 for 2020 is due.

19    Take Back Your Lunchbreak Day. Off to PJ’s…

20    Summer! Time for sunscreen!

21    Father’s Day. We know you probably forgot…

26    Take Your Dog to Work Day. A daily occurrence for Barbara…

30    Social Media Day. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


1    2020 is half over. See Apex about getting your withholding and investments in order! It is a free service!

3    National I forgot Day. Kerri’s favorite…without a sticky…

4    Happy 4th of July!


4    Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation Day - AKA celiac and gluten free fast food day!

15   2020 TAX Returns Due - Extension by IRS and NJ

24   Games of the XXXII Olympiad begin in Tokyo through August 9. USA! USA! USA!    


1     National Insurance Month. Make sure your financial house is in order!

8    International Hangover Day. Try to avoid this one!

25    Lana is 60! We are so happy she is still working. She has earned her handicap placard. Those afternoon naps are becoming a problem…

30    International Cabernet Day. We will stick with California!


1    Only 4 months left in 2020. Stop putting off your review. Call Apex!

7    Labor Day. Where did the summer go?

9    Opposite Day. We will ask Kerri questions…

15    Estimated Payment 3 for 2020 is due.

19    Scooby Doo Day. Zoinks!

22    First Day of Fall

30    Ask a Stupid Question Day. Kerri get out of my office!


1    Willy Wonka Day. Which of our clients will be Client Advocates and get their Golden Ticket?  

2    Older Person Day. We have 3 Qualifiers this year… 

7    National Forgiveness Day. Joanne?? Susan??  

15   Extensions are due. But if you did an extension, you are not an Apex client…unless you work with Steve.

16   National Boss’s Day. We are sure it will be ignored. (But they won’t miss pre and post season Apex parties, Cinco de Mayo, early Fridays in the summer, birthday lunches, etc…)

22   Caps Lock Day. CALL APEX!

31   Halloween. Don’t let finances scare you! Call Apex!


1    Daylight Savings ends. Change the smoke detector batteries!

2    Cookie Monster’s Birthday. Nom Nom Nom!

3    Election Day. Please do your civic duty and vote! The consequences of that vote will be discussed next year…

11   Veterans Day. Thank you for your service!

26   Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our clients, family and staff…with revolving order…


1     Only 1 month left to make adjustments! Better call Apex!

10    Chanukah to the 18th

12    Gingerbread House Day. Make sure your financial house is in order. Call Apex!

21    Winter begins. Boo!

23    Festivus…for the rest of us!

25    Christmas. No bah humbug here!

31    New Year’s Eve. Please be safe.


1  Happy New Year!


15  Last 2020 Estimated Payment is due.


And the cycle continues…

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