Normally we share dates of important tax and sporting events since we are sports nuts. Due to COVID-19, many events will be dramatically different than in the past. There is a possibility of many items on this calendar that will be changing over the year. Please refer for updates.


1    Happy New Year! Good riddance 2021!

3    Year 2 for Sherry. Looking forward to making it smoother.

6    Lana: How are you making more money for Amazon this year? A. Grandchildren gifts or B. COVID tests

9    Susan’s birthday. Trying to dollar cost average all of the things that will be ignored during tax season

10    National Tech Day. Check in with PICNIC.

17    Please welcome our returning staff: Rosemary, Ashley, Tisha, Caitlyn and Judy.

18    4th 2021 estimated payment is due (1040ES)

24    First day of 2021 filing season. You can finally file your taxes!

23-30    World Championship in Arkansas? Cyclocross World Championships in Fayetteville. Where is that Kerri?

Fireworks Shows


1            Deadline for employers to send W-2 and 1099-NEC forms.

2            Groundhog Day. We hear “I Got You Babe”!

3            Watching Rosemary handle the phones is like watching Lucy (another redhead) pick up candy off of the conveyer belt.

2-20      Beijing Winter Olympics. USA! USA! USA!


13         Super Bowl LVI(56). Remember gambling losses may be tax deductible!

14         Valentine’s Day. How much trouble will we be in this year?
              We will see our families again in April!

15         Deadline for 1099-B’s to be sent. Don’t worry, they will extend into March…

18         National Drink Wine Day. Might be every night at Apex!

24-27    Honda Classic. When is Bill moving so he can watch the pros on his home course?



1    Judy, thanks for telling us your favorite HR person is Bill & John rather than that other job’s person. 

2    It's so nice to have another Terp in the office!

10    Landline Telephone Day:  Caitlyn, do you know how to use a rotary phone?

13     Daylight Savings. 1 less hour of sleep. It's so helpful during tax season. Change your smoke detector batteries!

15    Partnerships (1065) and S-Corporation (1065s) returns are due. 
        Schedule K-1’s must be provided…and of course they will be late.

        March Madness begins…and has been going for a while at Apex! 

17    St. Patrick’s Day: Stop calling Bill a Leprechaun!

19    National Tequila Day:  One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!

20    Spring is here! Joanne’s birthday. John has less time to dollar cost average!

Yellow And White Flowers


1            April Fool’s Day. We have plans for this year!

4            March Madness? Insanity! Championship game.

8            Last day to make IRA contribution and make sure it will count for 2021.

15         That Sucks Day: Enough said…

18         Tax returns are due. (1040) We already had plane tickets on the 16th!        

              The last 2 years the Government has extended the season. We are finished!

              First 2022 estimated payment is due. (1040ES)

              Tax Freedom Day. You finally begin to work for yourself!

19-29    Limited appointment hours. We are pooped. Call for schedule.

Happy Family with Pets


2            Full time office hours return. Schedule your FREE mid-year appointment.
              Don’t pay more taxes in 2022!

5            Cinco de Mayo. Margarita’s anyone?

7            Kentucky Derby. Get your hat and mint julep!  

8            Mother’s Day. Give her a hug!

27         Memorial Day weekend. Shore summer begins!

              Wear your sunscreen! Wine Down summer begins!



1            Oscar the Grouch Day: No appointments!

2            Hey Steve? Are you in Philly?


15         2nd 2022 estimated payment is due. (1040ES)


21         Summer is here...finally


22         Midyear is almost here! Call Apex for your free mid-year review!



2            I Forgot Day: Is that Advisor Notes, Wealthscape or confirmations?

4            Happy Birthday America!

12         Chick Fil A Day: Gluten free people rejoice!

15         NJ Tax Freedom Day. Actually, there is no tax freedom in NJ…

Girl Waving US Flag


1            National Insurance Month: Get ALL of your house in order at Apex!

10         Poll question: What age should you have your own cell phone plan? 25, 30, 35, 40?

              Please respond to extension 1007


15         Our new milk carton person. Where is Ashley?

Image by thom masat


1            Only 4 months left in 2022. Stop putting off your review! Call Apex!

3            Labor Day Weekend! Wear your sunscreen. Don’t let summer end!

15         3rd 2022 estimated payment is due. (1040ES)

23         Fall is here. Time for pumpkin...everything!


26         Compliance Officer Day: We luv you Laura.

Image by Patrick Fore


10         Lani may retire in 2023 or 2024. Full time at Apex? We need to light a candle.

15         National Boss’s Day:  We are sure this will be ignored…again.

16         National Feral Cat Day: Lisa, how many do you feed again??


17         Extension returns are due. We will NOT be doing extensions. We are taking the day off!

30         Tisha! Have you been calling dead people?

31         Halloween. Stop letting finances scare you. Call Apex!



1            2 months left. Don’t pay more in taxes!! Get you review completed!

2            Cookie Monsters Birthday: Nom Nom Nom

6            Daylight savings ends. Back to leaving the office in the dark…

11         Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.

21-8      FIFA World Cup. Real footbol!

24         Thanksgiving. We are very thankful for our clients!

28         Cyber Monday. How does Lana have that many windows open?

Family Dinner


1            Last month to make changes to your 2022 taxes. Call Apex!

2            Bartender Appreciation Day. A very important day post Covid!!

18-26    Hanukkah!

              How many people is Sherry cooking for this year? She may be too tired from her cruises…    

21         Winter is here...Yuck!

23         Festivus...for the rest of us

25         Christmas

31         New Years Eve. Please be safe!

Image by Randalyn Hill


1            2023     Happy New Year!

17         4th 2022 estimated payment is due. (1040ES)

Fireworks Show