Normally we share dates of important tax and sporting events since we are sports nuts. Due to COVID-19, many events will be dramatically different than in the past. There is a possibility of many items on this calendar that will be changing over the year. Please refer for updates.


1        Happy New Year!!! So long 2020!

4        Welcome former The Tax Stop President, Sherry Diamond, to the Apex family!


5        Georgia Runoff Election. A completely new Administration is in power.


15      Last 2020 Estimated payment is due.


18      We were so excited to share our renovated office last year…then COVID. Now  we have 2 renovated offices due to our expansion!


20      Inauguration Day. No matter who you voted for, this is an important day. Ask us how the new                    administration will change your taxes.


25      Please welcome our returning staff, Rosemary and Ashley. Please also welcome Raychel and Judy.     



1        Employers should have W-2’s & 1099MISC in the mail.

          Brokerage statements (1099B) should be mailed.

          Brokerages always extend and update. Wait until the final updates in March!

2        Groundhog Day. Again… Worth rewatching…


5        First refunds will be deposited.


7        Super Bowl Sunday. Will Doug Peterson be back?? Gambling losses are still deductible.

12      First day you can electronically file your return.


14      Valentine’s Day. Please remind us so we don’t get in trouble with Susan and Joanne…again…


14      Daylight Savings begins. Change the smoke detector batteries!      


15      Partnerships(1065) & S Corporation(1065S) returns are due.

          K-1 Partnership forms should be mailed. We all know it will be in April…


16      March Madness begins. We are already there…


18      Honda Classic begins in Palm Beach Gardens. Bill’s future home course!


20      Spring is here! Quick John, get to the store!


1        Be afraid ladies. Be very afraid…


5        NCAA Basketball Championship. Maryland? Georgetown?


9        Last day you can safely contribute to your IRA’s or Individual 401K’s.


15      Individual 1040 returns are due.


          1st 2021 Estimated Payment is due


          Apex does not do extensions. If you think you should be able to, ask Susan or  Joanne if they feel their husbands should be doing taxes after today…


16      Apex will have limited appointment only hours until May 3. We need some rest…


24      Tax Freedom Day. You can start working for you!


1        Most exciting 2 minutes in sport…with 6 hours of talking heads before it…


3        Full time hours resume.

          Schedule your complimentary mid-year tax review.


4        NJ Tax Freedom Day. Remind me again why we live here? Only 2 places in  the country are later -NY and DC (not even a state!)


5        Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas!!       


9        Mother’s Day. Give Mom a hug!


29      Memorial Day Weekend. Off to the beach! And don’t forget the sunscreen.


1        Mid-year appointments are filling up. Make sure you will have a good 2021!


15      2nd 2021 Estimated Payment is due


20      Summer is here…finally! Break out the sunscreen.

          Don’t forget Father’s Day!


1        2021 is half over! See Apex about getting your taxes and investments in order.   It’s a free service!


4        Happy Birthday America!


23      Games of the XXXII Olympiad begin in Tokyo through August 8. USA! USA! USA!


1        National insurance Month. Make sure all of your financial house is in order with  Apex.


14      Enjoy the summer, but get your Wills, Power of Attorney & Advance Healthcare Directive in place so you can relax!


1        Only 4 months left in 2021. Stop putting off your review! Call Apex!


4        Labor Day weekend. Don’t let summer end!


15      3rd 2021 Estimated Payment is due


22      Fall is here!


15      Extension 2020 1040’s are due. We are sure our clients will have been filed in  April!


31      Halloween. Stop letting your finances scare you! Call Apex!


7        Daylight Savings ends. Back to leaving the office in the dark…


11      Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.


25      Thanksgiving. No matter what the challenges, we have lots to be thankful for!


28      Chanukah through December 6


1        Last month to make changes to 2021 taxes. Call Apex!


21      Winter is here. Yuck!


25      Merry Christmas!


31      New Years Eve. Please be safe!


1  Happy New Year!


15  Last 2021 Estimated Payment is due.


And the cycle continues…