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Welcome 2023! For important tax items, see bolded dates. All other dates are for your edification and our amusement. Have a great year and don't forget to call us for your free mid-year tax appointment in June!


1   Happy New Year!! Hoping 2023 makes a large change from 2022…

3   Please welcome Nick Daniels to the Apex family. You can review his bio on the “about” page.

4   Lana and Kerri were so excited to add Nick to the calendar…since it would deflect from them. They were wrong…

6   There is no ruthless and toothless in the office…

17  4th 2022 estimated payment is due.

23  Please welcome our returning staff: Ashley, Rosemary, Donna, Caitlyn & Judy.

24  First day of 2022 tax filing. Don’t get excited…you are still waiting for forms…

25  Belly Laugh Day. There will be lots of that…especially Saturday night!

26  Welcome back Judy. 3rd year working with Kerri. We know how you feel…

27  We are hoping our phones and reception desk can survive another season with Rosemary…

 31 Employers must have mailed W-2 form & banks must mail 1099INT forms.

Fireworks Shows


1   Hey Sherry’s clients! Ask her about her major announcement…

     Also Change Your Password Day!!

2   Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day…

12  Super Bowl LVII(57) Go Birds?? Sports betting is now legal and losses may be tax deductible.

14  Baseball spring training begins. Let’s go Phillies! World Series in 2023??

     O yea and Valentine’s Day…

1Brokerages must mail out 1099B forms. Don’t get excited…your amended 1099B is 2 weeks away…

18  National Drink Wine Day. Way ahead of you…

23-26  Final Honda Classic. A new sponsor should keep the event at Bill’s future home course.         

24  World Bartender Day. Take care of your favorite people. Thanks George!

28  It’s so nice to have another Terp in the office!!



1 Plan a Solo Vacation Day. So many places to go with that…

9   Panic Day. Already there!!!

12 Daylight Savings. 1 less hour of sleep. Perfect for tax season…Change your smoke detector batteries.

14 March Madness begins. We are there already…

15 Partnership (1065) and S Corporation(1065-S) returns are due.

     Schedule K-1’s must be mailed. Never happens. They will be late as usual…

17 St. Patrick’s Day. Green beer is in our future…

20 Spring is here. Better get a gift John…

22 National Goof-Off Day. Back to work Lana…

Yellow And White Flowers


1   April Fool's Day. Some new victims this year…

2   World Autism Day. It’s a challenge but worth every second.

3   Final Four Championship game. Madness is our middle name now…

6   Phillies home opener. We hope we are talking about them in November!!

7   Last day to contribute to an IRA and make sure it will count for 2022.

15 Tax returns are due. O damn it’s a weekend…

18 Personal Income tax forms (1040) are due. First 2023 estimated payment is due.

      Apex does not do extensions. If you think you deserve one, call our spouses and see if they will give you a pass…it works so well for us…

19-28  Very limited hours. We need some rest. Call for our schedule.

19 Bicycle Day. O yes!! Nothing like a mid-day ride!

Happy Family with Pets


1 Full time hours return. Make sure you schedule your free mid-year appointment. Stop paying too much tax in 2023!

1  Sherry is Cruising  - 

5   Cinco de Mayo. I taste tequila…

6   Kentucky Derby Day. Pour me another mint julep!

14 Mother’s Day. Give Mom a hug!!

25 Cookie Monsters Birthday. Nom Nom Nom…

27 Memorial Day weekend. Shore season begins. Wear your sunscreen!  Wine Down or Weekend Agenda?

29 National Alligator Day. Lana’s new mascot…

31 Happy Birthday Lani. I miss you



1  Steve: Get out of Philly and finish your returns. We don’t do extensions!

2  Nick: We are so excited for your baby daughter to arrive! The calendar will be nice to you this year. Don’t get used to it…

5   It’s mid-year. Ashley has left you voice mail! Call us back!! Time for your free mid-year appointment!

10 National Rose’ Day. Get yours Caitlyn!

14 National Bourbon Day. This one is for John!

15 2nd 2023 estimated payment is due.

16 National Fudge Day. This one is for Bill!

18 Father’s Day. A day like any other…

19 Laurel Creek is waiting for you Tom… Any regrets about answering the phone in 2016??

21 Summer is here. I hear the Jersey shore calling…

30 Midyear is here. Call Apex for a free midyear review!



1 Don’t let the year get away from you. Call Apex for your free mid-year review. Lot’s of time to save on taxes!!

4   Happy Birthday America!

8   Kerri: why is Bill calling Lisa??!!

13 National French Fry. Stay calm Kerri…

20 Women’s World Cup begins. Go USA fútbol!!!

21 Lana’s 4th grandchild.

You won’t hear about this…much…

Girl Waving US Flag


1  National Insurance Month: Get a free review of your protection at Apex.

5   National Oyster Day. And they are Gluten Free!!

10 How many cats is that Lisa??

12 Home Sewing Machine Day. Does that include Cricut machines??

21 Milk prices have skyrocketed. We are hesitant to put you on the missing milk crate Ashley…

27 Go Topless Day. It’s a shame we don’t know anyone with a convertible…

Image by thom masat


2   Labor Day weekend. Don’t let summer go…

5   Be Late for Something Day. Kerri celebrates a lot more than 1 day…

11 The kids are back in school. Call Apex to get things right in 2023!

15 3rd 2023 estimated payment is due.

23 Fall is here. Pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin everything!

26 National Compliance Day: We love you Laura!!

29 LBI Chowderfest Weekend. Bring your Tums…

Image by Patrick Fore


1   Last quarter is here. Schedule with Apex for your free review!

9   Lisa, maybe you can move to NJ and feed Bill’s feral cats, so Kerri doesn’t have to…

10 International Face Your Fears Day. Kerri…just 1 word: SPIDERS

16 Extension returns are due. Since we do not do extensions, we will not be busy…

17 Mulligan Day. We can all use a few of these!

18 National Boss’s Day. A day like any other in our office. Thanks ladies…

31 Halloween. Don’t let your finances scare you. Call Apex!



1   Extra Mile Day. At Apex we go the extra mile every day!! Call us to see!

5   Daylight savings is over. An extra hour of sleep…when we don’t need it…

7   Notary Public Day. All of us in the office are Notaries.

11 Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.

18 Married to a Scorpio Day. Sorry Susan…

23 Thanksgiving. We are very thankful for our clients!

28 Giving Tuesday. Charitable Donations are deductible!!

Family Dinner


1   Final month to reduce your 2023 taxes. Call Apex!

7   Hanukkah begins.

21 Winter begins…yuck!

23 Festivus…for the rest of us.

25 Christmas

31 New Year’s Eve. Please be safe!

Image by Randalyn Hill


1            2024     Happy New Year!

15         4th 2023 estimated payment is due. (1040ES)

Fireworks Show
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