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2019 Tax Checklist


Help your tax preparation run smoothly by gathering all your documents before your first appointment!


Schedule your tax preparation appointment today! 

Review the tax checklist below and bring your documents with you to your appointment so your tax preparer can complete your tax return in a timely manner. At Apex Tax Advisors, we are here for you all year-long to answer all your tax questions, so don't hesitate to call us if you have a question about any of the items on the tax checklist.


  • Last Years Tax Return (For New Clients Only)

  • Names, Birthdates, and Social Security Numbers of Household members

  • Drivers License and Social Security Cards

  • End of Year Pay Stub

  • Proof Kids Live with You


  • Wages, W-2, 1099R

  • Interest Income, 1099INT

  • Dividend Income, 1099DIV

  • Social Security, SSA-1099

  • Pension, 1099R

  • Business Income/Loss - See Below

  • Stock & Mutual Fund Sales, 1099B

  • Year End Investment Statements to Determine Cost Basis

  • Year End 401K / 403B to Determine NUA Eligibility

  • Sale on Purchase of Home - HUD1

  • Unemployment, 1099G

  • Gambling/Lottery Winnings, 1099G

  • NJ Homestead Rebate + PTR (Senior Freeze)

  • Miscellaneous Income, 1099MISC

  • IRA or 401K Distributions, 1099R

  • Rental Income - See Below

  • Partnership, S Corp & Trust Income


  • Alimony Paid - Need SS# of Ex-Spouse (Pre- 2019)

  • Student Loan Interest, 1098E

  • Penalty on Early Withdrawal from Savings

  • IRA contributions

  • Tuition & Fees Paid, 1098T

  • Charity for Non-Itemized


  • Childcare Credits – Need EIN or SS# of Provider along with Address

  • Education Credits, 1098T

  • Earned Income Credit

  • Retirement Savings Contributions

Itemized Deductions

  • State Tax Refund

  • Medical, Dental, Eyecare

  • Investment Expenses

  • Long Term Care Premium

  • Real Estate Taxes Paid

  • State & Local Taxes Paid

  • Mortgage Interest, 1098

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Gambling/Lottery Losses

Self Employed, Business Owners & Rental Property Owners​

  • Call to Review Your Individual Situation
    for Additional Information Needed


  • Life Insurance Policy

  • Long Term Care Policy

  • Changes in Personal Information

  • Federal Estimated Payments Paid

  • State Estimated Payments Paid

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